About Strategic Alliance Group.

Creating Alliances, One Business at a Time.

As a veteran owned business, our experience and skills: Leadership, Motivation, Competitiveness, allows us to achieve objectives with definite success.

Employed by various financial institutions: Washington Mutual, Chase, and Direct lenders give us the knowledge in areas; Sales, Cross-selling, Marketing, Business Loans, and Business and Consumer Communication. 

Introducing products and services- focusing on clients’ needs. Create a strategic plan reaching business goals and formulate partnerships-leading to company growth while creating jobs. Conduct research on new products, technology, demographics, and target markets to develop a strategic plan of success.

Our aggressive -never give up attitude-serves as a strong asset for businesses to prosper in their sales, services, and business development.

Serving our clients, one business at a time!

Contact Hector Colón Directly at 646-548-6680

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